Roof Restoration

Are you worried about your family home’s roof? Do you wish to restore it so that your old roof can become able to provide your building with the proper support and safety for longer period? Then it is the time to consider roof restoration. Our team of roofing experts can offer you the best reinstallation of your roofs as per your requirements and budget. As one of the most reliable Roofing companies, we perform this task without damaging the main construction of your building in any way.

Roof Replacement

When restoration cannot be the solution for your roof, then you can consider replacing the existing one with a new roof for your home. Whenever you need re-roofing or roof replacement, we can be your best option in the current market in Queensland. We provide all types of tasks related to roof replacement and ready to give you a new and better roof for your old building. It is good for those who wish to get rid of their old and damaged roof in an easy way. Moreover, our Roof replacement cost is pocket-friendly too.

Insurance Roof Repair

When we say that we provide complete roofing solution, we practically mean it. When you need a roof inspection report to claim the insurance for the damage of your roof after a heavy storm, our experts can inspect it and prepare the same for your insurance company. The report is required to assess your claim. Your insurance company will determine whether the damage can get the cover or not. Our professionals can contact with your insurance companies directly on behalf of you and handle the matter at a professional level. Very few roofing companies in Australia are able to provide you with this service.

Gutter And Fascia Replacement

At Roofing Resolutions, we understand the importance of keeping the gutter clean and well-maintained. Replacement and repairing of the gutter are highly important to keep the roof safe and durable for a long time. Our professionals are well aware of the job of Gutter and fascia replacement well enough than the others. They always use the latest and safest tools to replace and clean these areas of your roof. Do not worry about the replacement and repairing of your gutter, we are here to make it done for your home.

Patios Designs

We also offer the service of exclusive and useful Outdoor patio designs as well as Backyard covered patio designs as per the requirements of our clients. We understand that you wish to spend some quality times in your house with your near and dear ones and a well-designed patio can offer you the perfect place for such moments. Get extraordinary patios to enhance the look and feel of your house anytime you want. The materials we use for patio design are highly durable and stylish too.


Your search for a reliable company for insulated roofing ends with us. We are one of the most experienced service providers of Queensland in this field. A good insulation system is required to keep the interior of your house comfortable in all the seasons and reduce the monthly electricity bills as well. The typical weather of Queensland needs a perfect insulation system. Our experts will inspect your house and then suggest exactly what type of insulation you need there.

Leaf Guard

Are you looking for a reliable team to install the leaf guards for your roof gutters so that you can keep that area clean and undamaged? Well, Roofing Resolutions is the right place where you can have Leaf guard gutter covers with the help of the industry experts. These guards keep the gutters free from leaves and other objects that may create a blockage in the gutter.

Gutter Cleaning

One of the most important parts of roof maintenance is gutter cleaning. Roofing Resolutions offers the most efficient, reliable and professional gutter cleaning service for various types of buildings. Apart from professional Roof gutter repair task we also take care of the cleaning task of gutters to reduce the risk of damage.

In order to get detailed information about any or all of these services, you can call us. We are available in cities like Logan, Ipswich, Beaudesert, and Warwick.

In order to get detailed information about any or all of these services, you can call us. We are available in cities like Logan, Ipswich, Beaudesert, and Warwick.